CBD and Exercise- Can It Help Boost Performance and Recovery?


Cannabidiol has, in recent years, been found to offer excellent potential as a supplement for athletes and sports enthusiasts. From its anti-inflammatory effects to its anxiolytic properties, it is tailor-made for the world of exercise. And since the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its prohibited list in 2018, even elite sports stars can enjoy its impressive capabilities. Before, during, and after an intense workout it has much to offer, making it one of the highest-value supplements you can add to your exercise regime.

Enhanced Performance, Naturally

While a small amount of inflammation is necessary for building muscle mass, when it comes to performance in exercise, it is the enemy. Hindering recovery, limiting training, and causing muscle stiffness and soreness, exercise-related inflammation gets in the way of achievement. Through modulating the body’s inflammatory response via its interaction with the endocannabinoid system CBD has been shown to exert significant anti-inflammatory effects. Coupled with its pain-relieving properties, this makes it the perfect supplement, allowing us all to train harder, for longer, more frequently.

Even more exciting are clinical studies demonstrating its ability to increase maximum VO₂ in endurance athletes while also reducing their exercise-induced inflammation. This is a clear indicator that CBD has the power to assist the cardiovascular system in running more efficiently. For any athlete hoping to improve on their personal best, that little boost that cannabidiol can provide is invaluable!

For performance-related anxiety and pre-match nerves, CBD is there to help, too. Its ability to promote a sense of calm and reduce cortisol levels and the stress response are ideally suited to such a situation. By modulating cannabinoid receptors linked to mood regulation, high-quality CBD oil has helped many an athlete calm their jitters and maintain their competition focus.

CBD For Recovery

Not just for match days, CBD’s anxiolytic properties make it ideal for periods of preparation and recovery too. A good night’s sleep is essential both for peak performance on the day and for restoring and repairing muscle condition afterwards. Proper rest is required for the release of human growth hormone and testosterone, responsible for rebuilding muscles larger and stronger than before. By reducing stress and moderating the experience of pain, CBD has helped a huge number of people achieve a restful night’s sleep. This includes many top athletes for whom regular restorative sleep is so vital.

For post-workout recovery, CBD’s muscle relaxant properties are also a major help. Alleviating muscular tension and promoting relaxation are just what’s needed after a strenuous period of exercise. As well as immediately helping reduce soreness and boosting post-exercise comfort, these effects facilitate a quicker return to training. In the long term, this means more efficient performance improvements more quickly- just what every athlete dreams of!

While further research on its mechanisms is still ongoing, the ability of CBD to boost both sporting performance and recovery afterwards is already apparent. From calming nerves to minimising inflammation, the potential benefits for any sports enthusiast or athlete are myriad. To gain the most from using a cannabidiol supplement in any exercise regime, it is important to be sure of the quality, purity, and potency of the product you are using. By sourcing your CBD from a reputable company with FSA approval- like Goodrays who 3rd-party lab test all their products- you can be sure to enjoy the full range of benefits it offers.