A Few Difference that Makes Every CBD Topical Products Unique


These days, you can find many CBD products available on the market, and topical products have got the highest growth rates. There are plenty of topical CBD products that you find on the market such as:

  • Salves
  • Balms
  • Ointments

Due to various factors related to our aging skin and body, topical usage has become quite popular among seniors. Topicals can be applied to our skin directly and allowed us to absorb and offer relief from pain, irritability, and soreness.

Now what makes every CBD topical product different from one another, let us discuss that in this post.

Salves made out of CBD

CBD salve is one of the topical products that can be administered directly to our skin. You can obtain this product from Leanna Organics which is one of the premier CBD Stores in Westminster CO.

Usually, you will find it an oily, viscous substance, CBD salve is specially designed to offer focused treatment to a certain particular body part. It can be used for skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis and also for localized pain and inflammation, like painful muscles and joints.

The key components of CBD salve are:

  • Beeswax or similar thickening agent
  • Carrier oils
  • CBD oil

The CBD oil is diluted and made easier to absorb into the skin by the addition of carrier oils, including coconut or olive oil. The texture of the salve is provided by adding beeswax or a similar thickening ingredient.

Balms made from CBD

Balms are one of the topical products that are used for painful muscles in the medical community. Typically, balms have a higher beeswax or other base content as compared to other CBD topicals, making them one of the toughest products.

Balms are ideal for applying to our skin and are excellent for relieving pain. Athletes can be highly benefitted from using CBD balms for their rehabilitation.

Ointments made from CBD

Whether you want to use it for cosmetic or medical purposes, an ointment has many applications. Out of all other CBD topicals, typically ointments can be the most supple and greasy.

Ointments can also contain significant amounts of CBD as they are more often oil-based. Ointments can be a fantastic option for the management of pain since they typically have an oil-to-water ratio of 80:20 and also provide moisture in particular.

Lotions made out of CBD

The ratio of water to base makes CBD lotions different from all other types of topicals that we have discussed above. While balms and salves mostly use certain fatty oils and wax without water, CBD lotion, also known as CBD cream, contains a small amount of water and moisturizing ingredients in the base as well.

CBD creams and lotions can also produce immediate benefits and quickly get soaked into our skin.


Both CBD salves, as well as CBD lotions, have their own markets, as CBD skincare products are now gaining popularity. While CBD lotions are offered to those who are looking for general skin health and moisturization, CBD salves are often sold to persons with localized discomfort and inflammation.