Why White Widow cannabis strain is so popular


If there is one marijuana strain whose name has gone around the world for over two decades without people getting weary of hearing about it, it is White Widow. White Widow, a sativa-dominant hybrid with intense energizing effects, is legendary for its out-of-this-world resin production. Created in the 1990s by Green House Seeds as a mix between Brazilian indica and South Indian sativa landraces, White Widow seeds have grown to join the ranks of famous strains like Northern Lights and Haze. White Widow won an early High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995 and countless other prizes.

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History of the strain

White Widow is descended from a pure Brazilian sativa mother and a South Indian, Keralan hybrid father. Although the mother plant’s exact origins are unknown, the most informed opinion is that it is the old school, Brazilian landrace Manga Rosa, which has a long history of spiritual usage. According to legend, the genetics were found on a journey to India when Shantibaba was approached by a guy who brought him to his farm in the Kerala mountains after sharing a joint with him. The farmer then introduced him to an indica hybrid that had been deliberately cultivated and developed in his community for optimal resin production for a long period.

Shantibaba departed for the Netherlands with a batch of new seeds, from which he would quickly locate the male for his White Widow cross after many days of sampling the farmer’s plants. He ultimately crossed it with the Brazilian Sativa mother to create the stunning White Widow. Shantibaba created numerous new and superior hybrids while working on cooperative projects with Neville Schoenmaker (the founder of Dutch seed banks) when he was still a co-owner of Green House Seeds. Some of the stock they utilized traced back to the early days of Neville’s Seed Bank, a firm that was subsequently restructured under new management and branded as Sensi Seeds.

Following a conflict of interest amongst Green House’s owners, Shantibaba surrendered his portion to co-founder Arjan in 1998 and moved to Switzerland to start the Mr. Nice Seedbank with Howard Marks and Neville Schoenmaker. Shantibaba then focused on providing excellent quality strains from both ancient and new world genetics to farmers. He began growing the Widow under the banner of his newly founded business, naming it Black Widow because Green House Seeds were already promoting the term White Widow.

What Makes White Widow so Popular?
1. Complex yet enjoyable effects

Shantibaba produced White Widow intending to increase the benefits of both Indica and Sativa strains, and he accomplished his goal. White Widow frequently induces full-body relaxation without locking the user to the sofa. Most smokers like the intellectual effect just as much. People tend to feel happier and more pleasant after smoking the strain. Some say they feel more creative or even ecstatic. But, according to most smokers, the finest part about this strain is how the side effects develop. The cerebral effects kick in early to relieve tension, and the full-body sensation kicks in when they’re fully activated.

2. Longer high

It has been observed that the high created by White Widow lasts a long period (1.5 to two hours, as opposed to the norm of an hour), causing an intense buzz. The high will also hit you quickly, so take your hits in stride since this is a potent strain. The Indica genetics will calm you into the couch before the sativa energy surge kicks in. It is powerful, long-lasting, and highly pleasant. Be careful if you’re a new user because it may quickly overwhelm the unprepared.

3. Health benefits

Although White Widow marijuana has been studied for usage with a variety of medical ailments in the past, the most well-known alleviation this therapeutic strain appears to bring is for people suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress, and PTSD. In addition, a modest to an average-sized dose of this cannabis strain is generally recommended for individuals suffering from psychological issues, as over-consuming marijuana when dealing with a mental ailment can often lead to increased paranoia and anxiety.

4. Great flavor

White Widow’s powerful scent reminds consumers of earthy undertones combined with sandalwood, herbs, and spices. Although a fruity tang is present in the strain, some people say it is more noticeable in the odor, while others claim it is in the flavor. Those who perceive the fruity scent associate it with tropical fruit combinations like oranges. The initial taste of White Widow is sweet citrus, but it rapidly gives way to more savory notes of soil, pine flavor, and flowers. Most consumers believe the mix is perfect and leads to a pleasant smoking experience.

5. It can be grown indoors or outdoors

White Widow may be cultivated both inside and outdoors. The variety has strong inherent resistance to mold and pests, which makes cultivation relatively simple. It is also adaptable to colder regions. Flowering time indoors is around 8-10 weeks. Outdoor growers can begin harvesting in late September to early October. With a maximum indoor height of 100cm, the plant may be cultivated even in tiny tents. The plant can be up to 150-200cm tall when grown outdoors.

The strain adapts well to all growing settings and performs well in hydroponic systems. Indoor yields for the strain are typically approximately 400g/m2, while experienced growers have reported much higher yields. Harvests can hit 800–900g/plant when grown outdoors in excellent conditions.


White Widow possesses several extremely desirable characteristics. It’s a tasty smoke with a well-rounded impact, and it’s not much of a diva in the grow room. So grow the strain for yourself to understand why this breed has become legendary. Check out the Herbies Seeds to get yours now.