Marijuana cultivation from seeds- A comprehensive guide

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Marijuana is no more a subject of conflicts and debates. The consumption of recreational and medical marijuana and other weeds has become legalized. That is why commercial growers have started cultivating marijuana by purchasing weed seeds.

It is really easy to grow marijuana from seeds. You may cultivate the weeds in both outdoor and indoor environments. However, you need some patience and time to make your cultivation successful. From the soil preparation to germination and harvesting, every step needs proper care.

A brief guide will make your task easier.

Soak your marijuana seeds

To accelerate the germination process, you have to soak your seeds with some lukewarm water. Let these seeds soak up water for at least 24 hours. It will trigger the germination process. The shell becomes thinner and ultimately breaks apart. Now, you may plant them.

Step for planting

Some growers select pod seeds that combine coco husk and peat moss. Drench them in a container for about 15 minutes for enlargement. Drain some water and make sure that the seedling pellet has absorbed much amount of water. The product must be consistently wet.

Now, you need to make an opening of 1/4th inch for the crops. You need to manage the taproot carefully. Plant the marijuana seeds and cover them with your pellet soil. You will find the emergence of seedling after a few weeks.

The plants start emerging

Your marijuana plant will have noticeable growth within 1 to 2 weeks. Natural resources will take care of your plants. However, when you have not found the emergence of plants, the survival chance is not high. The best weed seeds Canada can germinate very fast.

Conditions effective for the growth of marijuana plants from seeds

Marijuana plants receiving a proper amount of light every day ensure better flowers and buds. In the outdoor environment, your plants will receive direct sunlight. However, for the indoor cultivation, you need to control the artificial light.

Based on your local weather, you have to water the plants.

  • Add nutrients to the weed plants to make them healthy and strong.
  • The humidity level must range from 50 to 70%, while the temperature can vary between 55 and 85F.
  • The proper airflow is also important for your weed plants. In case of the indoor cultivation, you have to install fans.

More information for marijuana cultivators

As you think of growing marijuana from seeds, these seeds must germinate into seedlings.

During the seedling process, the marijuana plant will go through the vegetative stage, and it is the longest part of the plant’s life. At this time, you will find no buds. The plant will have the branches, fan leaves, and the main stalk.

When the plants start flowering, they grow buds. It continues for two months, and then the harvesting season begins. During the harvesting period, you may cut down, trim, and dry your plants. The homegrown buds are now ready for consumption.

This comprehensive guide will be useful for those who like to grow marijuana plants from seeds.