7 Reasons Why You Must Have A Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging

cartridge packaging 

Custom packaging has a great potential to persuade the audience. You can surely improve your brand reputation once you start using custom boxes for your vape items. The vaping trend has increased much in recent years. This is why vape brands tend to have high-quality cartridge packaging so that they can present their product ideally.

You can surely get these boxes manufactured by a professional company that could take care of every packaging feature concerning the modern world. You must make your product packaging unique so that people will get attracted to it in a few seconds. Once a consumer gets a high-quality product in remarkable packaging, there will be very less chances that he would shift to another brand.

Following are some advantages of custom vape packaging.

Highly protective

Custom boxes that are made of cardstock or paperboard materials are ideal for keeping the vape device safe. This is why these boxes are used on a large scale. With the help of these boxes, you can improve the shelf life of your product as these boxes are durable. Also, they help the consumers to keep the product safe in these boxes. These boxes can be used repeatedly due to having longevity.

Vape items need to be saved from the external factors as these devices contain a metallic atomizer, ceramic mouthpiece, and glass cartridge. Cardboard boxes provide them great protection so that every vape item would remain intact. These boxes become even more protective when you use inserts in them. In this way, cardboard and kraft boxes provide a protective solution not only for retail but also for the end consumers.


Getting a remarkable solution at a reasonable rate is one of the major preferences of every product supplier. Talking about custom cardboard boxes, they are highly budget-friendly. You do not need a huge cost to get these boxes. The cardboard and kraft materials are easily accessible. Packaging companies use low-cost machinery to manufacture these boxes. In this way, these boxes do not break the bank.

Packaging companies offer wholesale as well as retail packaging boxes. In wholesale packaging, the cost per unit reduces and you can get even more leverage to save your money. Besides, these boxes are lightweight and can ideally ship the product to the consumers. Corrugated cardboard boxes are mostly used for shipment and they save your shipping cost due to being lightweight.

Modern solution

Custom packaging bestows the users with a contemporary solution so that people will consider you a lively brand. Every aspect is of importance and plays a role such as material, designing, customizations, and manufacturing. When you use custom printed boxes for vape items, people will take interest in your brand and they will be more likely to choose your product over other brands.

cartridge packaging 

Custom boxes that are imprinted with your brand identity (name, logo, and tagline) can create a professional and authentic impression. People would perceive you as a trustworthy brand once you openly communicate your brand identity with them. In this way, custom packaging helps you in telling your brand story to the potential audience.

Various designs

The style of the box has a great impact on your brand reputation. In this facet, cardboard or kraft boxes are manufactured in different styles. These designs may include:

  • Slotted boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Tuck-end boxes
  • Display boxes
  • Hinged lid boxes

You can get these design boxes easily from the packaging builder. The structure of boxes plays a significant role in improving functioning. However, the outer layout is also of importance. Packaging companies come up with customized templates so that you can represent your brand as a unique and modern supplier. In this way, you can get a variety of designs for vape packaging.

Flexible to customizations

Custom packaging offers you a wide range of customizations that you can endorse in the vape packaging. From choosing material to varnishing, you can independently choose features that you want suitable. When it comes to material, you have several options such as cardboard, kraft, rigid boxes, and corrugated cardboard. Then come to the style of the box, you can certainly choose different styles of boxes such as slotted or foldable boxes.

Besides material and box style, you can surely have an appropriate encasement concerning the size of the box. As paper materials are flexible, you can get them manufactured in various sizes as per your product size. Various printing techniques are available such as offset, screen printing, digital printing, and flexography. You can choose any one method that you find suitable. You can improve the texture by using different varnishes such as spot UV, gloss or matte and aqueous coating, etc.

Effective marketing tool

Custom packaging is a great marketing tool. It helps you raise your brand awareness and aid you in standing out in the competition. For this purpose, custom boxes along with the imprinted brand names, logo design, and advertising quotes are very helpful. These details help you create a professional impression of your brand.

cartridge packaging 

In this way, people will consider you an authentic figure and would like to purchase a product from you without any confusion. You can use certain view prints for these details such as embossing for raised printing, debossing for pressed view, and foiling. You can also use flat printing if you do not have a large budget.

Green solution

Custom hemp packaging that involves cardboard and kraft boxes helps your brand manifest a sincere impression. This is because these boxes are highly renewable and can be recycled several times. Besides, they can be easily decomposed without polluting the environment. Therefore, cardstock boxes prevent you from using toxic materials such as plastic.

Wrapping up

If you are looking for ways to improve your brand growth, custom packaging assists you with ultimate perks. Cartridge packaging is cost-effective and highly protective. You can choose different cardstock materials to get these boxes. You can surely print these boxes with your brand identity and graphics. With the help of custom packaging, you can surely reinforce your vape business growth.